From Daniel Carcillo, Founder of Chapter 5

Chicago Blackhawks left wing Daniel Carcillo opens up about the death of his friend Steve Montador and why the NHL community can’t be silent about mental health issues anymore.

Daniel Carcillo:

“It was early Sunday afternoon, and I was taking off my shoes in our players’ lounge when I kept hearing my phone buzz. Someone was calling repeatedly. I immediately got an uneasy, sick feeling when I looked at the screen and saw who was calling. It was my close friend Missy. She was hysterical.

“Steve’s gone,” she said.

My best friend in hockey, Steve Montador, was found dead in his home at age 35. Steve was a 12-year NHL vet who battled drug and alcohol addiction at certain points in his career. Since he walked away from the game due to concussions in 2013, he was struggling to figure out what to do next. But I was still in complete shock and disbelief. For some reason, I started getting dressed for the pre-game skate. As a hockey player, you’re just taught to push through the pain, no matter what. I got pretty close to getting halfway dressed when I started putting on my skates. I glanced across the room and saw the stall Monty used to sit in when we played together. I heard his deep, hearty laugh.”

The reason I believe in Chapter 5 is because of the resource network that we are building to help catch guys who are moving in to transition.

Dan Hinote

I am excited to be a part of Chapter 5 simply because of the fact that I know it will help future players alleviate the stress and anxiety period that comes with transition.

Ben Eager
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My transition Season

When I committed to signing with the Chicago Blackhawks for the 2014/2015 season it was anything but conventional. I was actually on a plane from Detroit back to Pittsburgh, (I was on a Professional Try Out with the Penguins) when I received a message from Stan Bowman and my then agent, Kevin Epp, saying they wanted to bring me back. I was excited and committed immediately because my fiancé, who was pregnant with my son at the time, grew up here and I have always loved and felt comfortable in the city of Chicago.


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